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Invest in the Industry Leaders. The upside of franchising with Mosquito Squad is significant. The investment, not so much! See what The Buzz is about with Mosquito Squad. Start An Essential Outdoor Home Services Business with the Original!

Franchise Information & Fees

Cash Investment:$50,000 Investment Range:$109,465 - $167,150
Franchise Fees:$35,000 Training & Support:Yes
Franchise Units:221 Financing Available:Yes
Advertising Fees:n/a Royalty Fees:n/a


Start Your Own Business In A High-Growth, Essential Industry

Ever dream of running your own business? Mosquito Squad allows you the opportunity to be your own boss while having the backing of a renowned, nationwide support team. Even better, you can start your business from the comfort of your own home office!  

If you are looking to take control of your schedule AND create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted for you and your family, Mosquito Squad may be the perfect match for you. Your office can be home-based, AND you set your own schedule, so no late nights or weekends are required.

Mosquito Squad offers a scalable business with massive expansion potential. With our outdoor pest control franchise, you can invest in yourself and build a rewarding business to benefit from many years into the future. We also offer opportunities to invest in more additional streams by diversifying your home services offerings.

Rising demand and decreasing costs have resulted in high-profit margins for pest control companies. In fact, the mosquito and tick control services provided by Mosquito Squad are considered essential. Throughout the nation’s various stay-at-home initiatives, our franchise owners have been open and operating, continuing to provide unmatched barrier control treatments for mosquitos, ticks, and other biting insects.

The History Of Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad is America’s original and most trusted tick and mosquito control franchise.

Mosquito Squad was born out of necessity in 2005 when founders Boyd Huneycutt and Scott Zide found a need. Previously in the outdoor lighting business, their installers were being eaten alive by mosquitoes while working outdoors after twilight. Poised with that dilemma, they created the answer: The Protective Barrier Treatment.

No one in the industry is even close to our experience. Hundreds of thousands of clients have trusted us to deliver millions of Protective Barrier Treatments. In 2009, the Squad started franchising with just 15 locations. Since that date, we’ve grown to over 200 locations. In 2018, Mosquito Squad was acquired by Authority Brands, a growing portfolio company of premium home services franchises.

The Top Nine Reasons Why Mosquito Squad Is Right For You

  1. ESSENTIAL SERVICES: The pest control services provided by Mosquito Squad are considered essential. Nationwide, as the various stay-at-home initiatives have been in effect, our franchise owners have been open and operating, continuing to provide control treatments for mosquitos, ticks, and other biting insects. Our goal is to help families enjoy their outdoor living spaces as worry-free as possible.
  2. LOW INVESTMENT: The initial start-up investment ranges from $109,465 to $167,150, which includes the initial franchise fee for an exclusive territory and setting up your business. We have been ranked a top Low-Cost franchise by in 2020.
  3. A CHOICE OF SERVICES: There are several choices to offer to our clients, including both EPA-registered pest control solutions and all-natural solutions for clients seeking an organic or green approach.
  4. MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS: The various revenue streams available to franchise owners include our Barrier Spray Program, Automatic Misting Systems, Special Event Treatments, Enhanced Tick Control, and Commercial and Municipal Property Protection. Each option has different price points, allowing you to appeal to various homeowners and businesses in need of an outdoor pest management solution.
  5. RESIDUAL INCOME: A key advantage is the ongoing revenue stream from repeat barrier sprays and the refills of automatic misting systems. This repeat business dramatically increases revenue and profits once a customer base is established. As an owner, you will provide a valuable service and unbeatable convenience for your customers while ensuring residual income for your business.
  6. EXPERIENCED SUPPORT STAFF: We offer unparalleled support from a passionate, highly attentive, professional staff in all the key disciplines you’ll need including customer acquisition, sales & support skills, and technical expertise.
  7. MARKET KNOWLEDGE & FRANCHISE-LED INITIATIVES: Providing owners with data about customer mindset and demographics as well as effective marketing like distinctive branding, public relations, and social media are all key parts of our Mosquito Squad offering.
  8. EXTENSIVE MARKETING TOOL KIT: From business cards and brochures to ads and direct mail, Mosquito Squad has created impactful marketing materials to kick your business into high gear.
  9. TECHNOLOGY: Streamline the day-to-day sales and operations of the business with easy-to-use technology tools.

The Ideal Candidate 

Successful Mosquito Squad franchise owners have come from nearly every walk of life. Our owners come from diverse backgrounds, with only the passion, dedication, vision, and drive required to own a successful franchise. In other words: you might be the perfect person to open a Mosquito Squad location regardless of your background and experience!

Mosquito Squad looks for owners/operators that have management backgrounds and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

The franchisee is responsible for running all aspects of the business with a team of part-time seasonal employees (part-time students, firefighters, teachers, etc). These duties include managing operations, recruiting/hiring, scheduling, ordering inventory, marketing, financial management, reporting, etc. All aspects of which are covered in training.

What Our Franchisees Are Saying

“This brand has impacted my life very positively. Being able to give back to the community and provide such great services that we do… It’s a great opportunity.”

  • Greg Atwell, Mosquito Squad of El Paso 

“If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely invest in this franchise. It’s been one of the greatest opportunities of my life to be able to build my own business and so something that I love.” 

  • Brett Dietrick, Mosquito Squad of Greater Salt Lake City 

“This corporate staff is my greatest and most valuable employee. I’m using their models, I’m using their marketing, I’m calling and asking them questions… If there is any part of the business I don’t understand, I 100% have the support of the corporate team.” 

  • Capricia Turner, Mosquito Squad of Great Indianapolis 

“I don’t think I could’ve grown to where I am without the franchisor or the other franchisees. I didn’t think I’d have the level of support from both of those groups. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from the technology and the marketing support of the franchisor and from the franchisees who are bigger and smaller than me.” 

  • Lee Hatcher, Mosquito Squad of Central Virginia 

“(Mosquito Squad) gives us an opportunity to be owners and gain some additional financial independence. The sky is the limit. We can grow this business as much as we want.” 

  • John Williams, Mosquito Quad of East Cincinnati-NKY


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